Goat & Sheep Leather

Goat shoes suede leather


Goat Suede offered by us is leather finished by buffing flesh side for producing a nap. Used for making boots, gloves, other fashion accessories, these suede are made available with vibrant colors as well as royal looks. Further, we can also deliver these in desired colors/finishes as desired by the customers.

Size & Substance

  • ✓     2.5/4.5 sq.ft & 0.6/0.8 mm
  • ✓     3.0/5.0 sq.ft & 0.7/0.9 mm
Garment Suede Leather

Garment Suede Leather

Goat Garment Suede offered by us has extensive demand in the manufacturing of apparels & all sorts of garments & dressing accessories. Finished by buffing flesh side to produce a nap, these are finely processed so as to provide a smooth, velvet-like surface.
✓     4.0/7.0 sq.ft & 0.4/0.5 mm

Milled Leather

Goat Milled Leather

Creating a niche of Milled Leather such as Goat Glazed Milled Leather, Goat Milled Leather and Natural Milled Leather at its best, with utmost quality.
✓     Goat Glazed Milled Leather
✓     Goat Milled Leather
✓     Natural Milled Leather

Cow Leather

Cow Split Leather

Our range of products include Cow Leather such as Cow Split Upper Leather, Cow Split Suede and Cow Suede Leather.
✓     Cow Split Upper Leather
✓     Cow Split Suede
✓     Cow Suede Leather

Lining Leather

Lining Leather

Manufacturer & Exporter of Lining Leather & Goat Lining Leather. Our product range also comprises of Shoe Suede Leather, Garment Suede Leather and Milled Leather.
✓     Goat Lining Leather

Sheep Leather

Sheep Leather

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Sheep Leather such as Sheep Semi Aniline Leather, Sheep Resin Lining Leather, Sheep Upper Leather and Sheep Shoe Nappa Leather from India.
✓     Sheep Semi Aniline Leather
✓     Sheep Resin Lining Leather
✓     Sheep Upper Leather
✓     Sheep Shoe Nappa Leather

Goat Leather

Goat Leather

Manufacturer & Exporter of a wide range of products which include Goat Leather such as Goat Heel Grip Leather, Goat Resin Lining Leather, Goatskin Crust Leather, Goat Nubuck Leather, Goat Upper Finished Leather, Goat Nappa Leather and many more items.
✓     Goat Heel Grip Leather
✓     Goat Resin Lining Leather
✓     Goatskin Crust Leather
✓     Goat Nubuck Leather
✓     Goat Heel Grip Leather
✓     Goat Upper Finished Leather
✓     Goat Nappa Leather
✓     Goat Aniline Leather
✓     Goat Semi Aniline Leather

Goat Leather

Goat Shoe Suede/Goat Antique Suede

Goat Shoes Suede/Goat Antique Suede offered by us is quality leather taken from the hides of goat that are finished by buffing flesh side (opposite grain side) for producing a nap. Offering a smooth, velvet-like antique look surface, these are used in varied applications including boots, gloves, fashion accessories and other products.
✓     2.5/4.5 sq.ft & 0.6/0.8 mm
✓     3.0/5.0 sq.ft & 0.7/0.9 mm

Goat Leather

Goat Mesh Kit Leathers

Though similar in thickness to sheep leather, the structure of goat skins is very much firmer. Therefore goat skins are suitable for manufacturing articles which demand distinct physical properties such as shoes, garments, protective clothing, lining

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